2008 / 50’ / Romania


“In an institution for the mentally impaired in Calugareni (Romania), Don’t Get Me Wrong follows the everyday existence of its residents and penetrates a hermetic world where the social conventions escape common reasoning. The relationships between these individuals – who apparently find it impossible to integrate into current society – does not correspond to the classical schemas, but reflect precious human values. (…) 


The twenty-seven year old Romanian filmmaker demonstrates a rare artistic and above all human sensibility. In this place, so easily assumed to be full of human squalor, she succeeds in capturing the protagonists’ intrinsic beauty and has made visible these sweet delicate souls, prisoners of their physical deficiencies.”



  • Locarno Film Festival 2007-Filmmakers of the Present Competition
  • Golden Dove Best Documentary Award – Dok Leipzig 2007
  • IDFA Amsterdam 2007 – Best of Fests
  • Best Woman Director Award – International Film Festival of Contemporary Cinema Mexico 2008
  • Montpellier International Film Festival 2007
  • Namur International Film Festival 2007
  • Warsaw International Film Festival 2007
  • Trieste Alpe Adria International Film Festival 2008
  • Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival 2008
  • Dokfest Munchen 2008
  • Moscow International Film Festival 2008
  • Sarajevo International Film Festival 2008
  • Best Documentary Award, Vukovar International Film Festival, Croatia 2008
  • Special Mention of the Jury in Watch Docs Human Rights
  • International Film Festival Warszaw 2008
  • Best Film Award at Dialektus Documentary Film Festival Hungary 2008
  • Second Award in Health International Film Festival Greece 2009
  • IndieLisboa International Film Festival Portugal 2008
  • Docupolis International Film Festival Barcelona 2008
  • Documenta Madrid, Spain 2008
  • Huesca International Film Festival Spain 2008
  • Kracow International film Festival 2008
  • Best Cinematography Award – Romanian/Hungarian
  • Documentary Film Festival 2008
  • Best Director Award-Cronograf Documentary Film Festival Moldova 2008
  • Camerimage Lodz International Cinematography Film Festival 2008
  • South by South West International Film Festival USA 2008
  • Full Frame International Documentary Film Festival USA 2008
  • Koln International Women Film Festival 2008
  • Leeds International Film Festival UK 2008
  • Dokumentart European Film Festival Neubrandenburg Germany  2008
  • Valdivia International Film Festival Chile 2008
  • Stockholm International Documentary Film Festival Tempo 2007 Sweden
  • PlaneteDoc Review International Documentary Film Festival Warszaw Poland 2008
  • Play Doc International Film Festival Spain 2008
  • Estoril International Film Festival Portugal 2008
  • International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Verzio Hungary 2008
  • Lemesos International Documentary Film Festival Cyprus 2008
  • Bodrum International Film Festival Turkey 2008
  • Romanian Film Festival New York 2008
  • Romanian Documentary Days Krakow 2008
  • Romanian Film Festival Toronto 2009
  • Romanian Film Festival Madison USA 2009
  • Romanian Film Days Italy 2007
  • Algerian National Film Festival 2010
  • Chennai International Women Film Festival India 2010
  • Best Film Award in Aristoteles Workshop Romania 2006
  • Gopo Awards nomination for Best documentary 2008
  • Prometheus Awards Nomination for Debut 2008
  • Transilvania International Film Festival 2007
  • One World Human Rights International Film Festival Bucharest 2008


Somewhere, sometime… A world in which time runs the same as stones are falling implacably on stones. A self sufficient universe, with rules that escape the common logic, and, even though, perfectly valid. Days go by, between daily routine and endless conversations about life, death, God, weather forecast: what is divine and what is not? Who brings and who stops the rain? After all, what is normal and what is not?


On the fragile border between fiction and documentary, the film is a contemplative experience, following the existence of a marginal community that has a profound and unaltered human value, although it is considered “null” from a social utilitarian point of view.


Apparently absurd actions get a second meaning, deeply emotional – the only way to escape the essential absurdity of existence is love.



  • with: 
  • written, directed, co-edited, co-sound design by: ADINA PINTILIE 
  • director of photography: SORIN GOCIU 
  • editing & sound: LIGIA SMARANDACHE / TUDOR PETRE
  • script consultant: RAFI PITTS
  • execuive producers: DAN NUTU/ ADINA PINTILIE
  • Supported by: ARTE France and the Romanian Film Center.



year of production

50 min

running time


exhibition format


aspect ratio

2.1 stereo






by Adina Pintilie - 2008 / 50’